Get to know your stone

Sangre de mi Sangre celebrates uniqueness, we believe an engagement ring is best when designed custom-made for each couple’s taste. That’s why we don’t have a catalog for this kind of piece and would rather create something special just for you.

The main stone is one of the most important things about an engagement ring, whether it is a diamond, a precious or semi-precious stone, Sangre de mi Sangre wants you to know what makes your ring so unique; that's why instead of giving you options of already made rings, we prefer to give you a short explanation about the stone's basic knowledge so that when you schedule your appointment either via video call or directly at our workshop to start the creation of your engagement ring, you’ll have an idea of the stone you’d like.

The greatest authority in the matter of minerals is the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which grades not only diamonds but also precious and semi-precious stones based on their characteristics. We work with both certified and uncertified stones depending on the client’s request; you must keep in mind that a certified stone will always be more expensive than an uncertified one.

White diamonds are a top favorite choice of stone due to their characteristic "fire" effect; their beauty is graded depending on their qualities based on the 4 C's: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carats.

Cut: This references the arrangement of the facets and how this affects the way light reflects and refracts through them, the cut determines the sparkle of the stone and the intensity of the "fire" effect.  
  Another important term related to the cut is the shape; which refers to the stone's outline as seen from the top; the most well-known shape is round, but there are also many others like princess, emerald, marquise, and pear.

Clarity: Being a mineral completely made out of carbon, diamonds tend to have unique arrangements of tiny imperfections (called inclusions); depending on how visible these are and how they affect the stone’s beauty, the GIA grades the stone’s clarity based on this scale:



Although most commonly a flawless diamond is considered the best, there is also a very included variation called “salt and pepper” diamond, which is a beautiful and very different option for engagement rings.

Color: The presence of nitrogen and other elements during the diamond’s formation causes variations in its color; the grading for white diamonds goes from D-Z, being D-F the most desirable; near colorless.



Other desirable color variations in a diamond are champagne and black diamonds, which are not graded with this scale.

Carat: Diamonds and precious gemstones are sized by their weight in carats; being 1ct= 0.2gr; generally speaking, the bigger the stone, the more expensive it is, but this also depends on the other 4 C’s.



 Sangre de mi Sangre also works with precious and semi-precious stones, we believe an engagement ring can have any stone, not only diamonds; because this helps make the piece unique and express each one’s personality.

There are only three precious stones: emerald, ruby, and sapphire; but we also love working with semi-precious such as opals, topaz, amethyst, or anything you have in mind; we can even do rough stones!



Although there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a stone for an engagement ring, the most important thing you need to have in mind is the style and taste of the person who’ll receive it, and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process to create a piece that is perfect for that special person.

If you’re interested in getting an engagement ring made with us, send us an email to book your appointment by video call or in-person at our workshop. We are located in Mexico City and our working hours are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm. We’re looking forward to meeting you and creating an amazing piece together.